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Set your goals and run solo or with friends or as part of a team!


Tell your family, friends, mail-person, and anyone who will listen to why you're running so they can cheer you on and help you reach your fundraising goal.


Run, walk, cycle or jog or sprint - whatever you want, wherever you want, for as long as you want through the month of July.

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It all started with a little girl at church wearing a yellow button with the words "IT'S GOING TO BE OK", after cases of COVID 19 has been discovered in Alberta.

With so much uncertainty in the air, this little girl inspired the courage to HOPE inside the heart of our Executive Director. He was not shy in taking this newly discovered hope and sharing it with the rest of the residents and staff at the Calgary Dream Centre. It didn’t stop there. A button was created that read “I Choose Hope”, and thus a campaign was born.

From buttons to lawn signs, to billboards and food truck partnerships, this campaign raised over 200K with every dollar going back to support men and women overcoming addiction and homelessness.

  The main goal of this campaign was to spread hope to our community as we all faced the hardship of 2020 together, but the support we receive from those we were trying to encourage was a blessing. Especially in the midst of the economic world shutting down.

This year, we've levelled it up.  The HOPE MOVEMENT brings the first annual run, walk & cycle event.  A campaign designed for the people and by the people.  It is you that drives this campaign and it is you that gives hope and support to the brothers and sisters that call the Calgary Dream Centre, a home.   

The Calgary Dream Centre loved me and helped me no longer believe the lie that I was unworthy. I know I have value. I have self-respect. I have hope and love that I am willing to share to the world around me.

- Karey, Women's Program

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