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I am doing this for all those still struggling to find hope.

We all know someone who has had struggles in their life. If it's not us, it's our neighbour, our friend, or our family. 

Mental Health and addiction go hand in hand and comes in many forms and many faces; My face being one of those who have felt trapped in the darkness of addiction and mental health issues. I have faced over a ten year battle of Highs and lows, suffering, grief, harm to others, harm to self with continuous falling, never feeling Id fully be able to get back up; Fighting mental health and addiction is undescribable. It demonstrates everything I never wanted to be, yet the person I once was.  With all the strength God gave me to stand up and fight for my life- the fight for hope. I finally feel myself breath again, I feel Hope. I feel my life and what it can 

I have joined the Team in support of the HOPE MOVEMENT because I want to pass on HOPE to anyone suffering in a place where HOPE feels non existent. By running, walking, cycling (or all-around moving) 1km a day, I can raise money and awareness and be a part of something bigger- and so can you,

Life change happens here. 

My Life changed here. 

Hope brought me back to Life.

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When Two Summer Plans Unite

Saturday 10th Jul
Kicked off July with a plan to try every outdoor pool in Calgary with a girlfriend- now our pool adventure becomes extra fitness added into the Hope movement ❤️❤️

Overwhelmed with Gratitude

Saturday 10th Jul
Achieving my goal to raise $1000 only 9 days into July overwhelms my heart with how lucky I am to have the support and love not only towards my own recovery journey- but the support and trust in what the CDC can offer to people still struggling and feeling hopeless in this battle. Thank you so much to all who have endured this painful yet beautiful journey ❤️

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lawrence Delaire

I’m so Proud if all your accomplishments! You Rock!👍🏾🏆. Love Dad!❤️


Todd Reinholt

Always proud of you.


Robin Delaire

Way to go D! So proud of you❤️



Love You❤️💐


Carol Warawa

Good job Deanna!


Lise Warawa

Awesome Deanna! So happy for you! 🤗😊



So proud of you babe!






Penny Bethel


Parker & Cooper Bethel

Love you D ❤️ so proud of you!!


Fred Reinholt


Karen Aloisio


Sophie Aloisio


Grace Cadieux


Jolene Eagles

I love you. Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you.


Jackie De Leon

Sending you hugs, prayers , and support Deanna!


Darren Blades


Emily Herman

Good luck!!


Nadine Dodman

So proud of you!


Kiel Wood

Nice work D😊