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We're doing this for someone I know...

We all know someone who has had struggles in their life. If it's not us, it's our neighbour, our friend, or our family.

Mental Health and addiction go hand in hand and comes in many forms and many faces.

We are a part of this HOPE MOVEMENT because we want to pass on HOPE to our neighbours, our family, our friends who may need it.

By running, walking, cycling (or all-around moving) 1km a day, we can raise awareness and money and be a part of something bigger. 

Life change happens here.

Thank you to our Sponsors



Keep up the good work!


Dawn Gordon

Thank you so very much for helping my son, Christopher. 💙


Rebecca Kroeger



Great going Jeff. Now more than ever, the world needs places like the Hope Centre and support for people who are struggling.


Elsie Kroeger


Adeline Schuler


C & B Wasyliw


Rita Driedger

Way to go, Jeff. Love that you’re doing this.


Conor Levesque

Even though this guy is a raging liberal I will still donate to a good cause


Cala Hills



You have been a positive light in my life. Because of you I started working out and am now really big and happy. I hope you can touch more lives like you did mine.





Patrick Marquardt

Wow what a stud before me. Gg hf gl


Solomiya Lyaskovska


Nicole Kroeger


Andrea Watson


Dan Fife

Good stuff Jeff!


Christopher Doerksen

You inspire me every day, I love you man