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I'm doing this for someone I know...

We all know someone who has had struggles in their life. If it's not us, it's our neighbour, our friend, or our family.

Mental Health and addiction go hand in hand and comes in many forms and many faces.

We are a part of this HOPE MOVEMENT because we want to pass on HOPE to our neighbours, our family, our friends who may need it.

By running, walking, cycling (or all-around moving) 1km a day, I can raise money and awareness and be a part of something bigger. 

Life change happens here.

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This is a wonderful project to raise money for Mental Health Mateo, glad to help. Love grandma and grandpa.


Deanna Pellizzon Milne


Jen Barreth

What an awesome way to bring hope to people! Blessings on you as you ride and as you continue to strive to make a difference to impact the world for God’s glory!




Mateo Johnston




Cynthia Southam

Way to go! Love this cause.